From October 2014 until interest dies down, I will be running a script relay on the Conlang list. Each participant receives documentation of a conscript from the previous participant. Their task is to adapt this script to a (nat- or con-)lang of their own choosing, possibly making evolutionary changes along the way.

Below is a list of the conscripts produced during the relay. The language name is a link to the documentation of the script.

# Creator Language Sample
0 Alex Fink Sabasasaj
1 Mechthild Czapp Neoquux
2 J Mach Wust Paark Lytt, that is
Bernese German
3 Virginia Keys English
4 Galen Buttitta (name not
5 Pete Bleackley "Stage 4"
6 Ingus Macats Latvian

This page is still being added to regularly.