Some conlanging projects of mine are

I also started the first (and so far only) con-script evolution relay.

Here's a few tools for generating random languages, or at least bits thereof.

Not really a conlang, but certainly in the conlangy spirit, is my recoding of ASL with a spoken phonology.

I used to list some collaborative projects here, but really such things die and vanish from note so quickly it doesn't seem worth listing most of them here. Kalusa (some actual corporal material) was the most successful one so far, but its original home is down.

I gave a hand to Sai writing this introduction to conlanging for the 26th CCC.

I wrote a reversible sound change applier once.

Here's a little script puzzle. It's a passage in English. What does it say, and what natscript was the inspiration? (Hints: I didn't feel like making this read RtL as arguably it should have, and I've also omitted a bunch of superscript circles to reduce clutter.) And here's a second script adaptation in the same spirit: English spelled in cuneiform.

I am one of the owners of the CONLANG mailing list and haven't been on the ZBB for a while. I carried out a fair portion of the groundwork for the Second Language Creation Conference.

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